Abercrombie fall
Hey guys! So this is my first EVER post, and naturally it’s pertaining to new pieces I’ve been swooning over. We are on day 3 of fall, and I have mixed feelings about this. I love fall and everything that goes a long with it!

Sadly, I am in Florida, and it doesn’t get cool here until late October.. if we are lucky. I have been starting to see some fall staples coming out even though we are still in shorts here. I just cannot wait any longer to start wearing scarfs and sweaters! I have 3 sisters (ranging from ages 18 to 32), and they all seem to say that I am “too old” to wear Abercrombie. Ladies is this true? Did I miss something? Am I naive? Oh well.. below I listed 10 new fall pieces to add to my closet that are currently in my shopping bag. No matter your age, these are key pieces anyone could love and own!
  1. Velvet Boyfriend Tee
  2. Asymmetrical Snap Pullover
  3. Plaid Scarf
  4. Mohair Blend Sweater (in nude)
  5. Lace Trim Cami
  6. Off-The-Shoulder Sweater
  7. Pintuck Peplum Cami
  8. Mohair Blend Sweater (In dark grey) I am still torn in between which color I favorite more.
  9. Poncho Scarf
  10. High-rise Girlfriend Jeans
 Let me know your thoughts on this argument too, would love to hear some your thoughts!

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