Meet my handsome Great Dane, Winston.

Sundays are my absolute favorite. My day consisted of cleaning, on demand, bathroom planning, and being lazy with the family. I have been working on some deep organization around the house, focusing on one room a week. Each transition into either fall or spring, I look around and realize all over again I’m a hoarder. I need to declutter and organize. I have been focusing on one room a week going through EVERYTHING.

One room that has been taunting me is the kids/guest bathroom. I have a small 1300 square foot home with 2 bathrooms and the other one is in the master bedroom. The kids/guest bathroom is the one we all use majority of the time. It’s your standard, builder grade bathroom with one sink and bathtub and shower combo. Unfortunately we have other goals right now, and I have given myself a budget for a bathroom makeover that I can live with. A whole bathroom renovation is just not in the budget right now. We are currently working on our “Total Money Makeover” and all future renovations are planned to be paid in cash only. My husband and I agreed to do away with credit cards altogether. It’s been about 5 months now, and it’s not easy, but we have goals we would like to accomplish. Plus, it’s motivating me even more seeing how excited my kids are about accomplishing these goals together as a family!

Now back to the bathroom. I have put together an idea board about what my plans are for the bathroom. Since the bathroom is small, we need is a lot of storage options.

// see sources below //

Light Striped Shower curtain // Target currently on sale for $18.50

Wooden Vase Sculptures // McGee & Co and all three for $30

Restroom sign // SchoolHouse for $24

Jute Hanging Planter (similar) // Target $28.99

Princeton Mid Sconce // SchoolHouse $169

Kirst Wall Mirror // Wayfair for $171.99

Organic edge mix and match shelf // World Market (price varies)

Somertile Retro Subway Tile // Amazon (price varies)

Striped hand towel // Jones Design Company on sale 4 for $22

Open Bathroom Vanity // Home Depot only $450

Black Hammered Metal Serving Tray // World Market for $39.99

Milulu Baskets // McGee & Co (price varies)

Park Hill Mini Wooden Stool // Amazon for $25.99

Encaustic Cross (black and white) Tile // Cle Tile (price varies)

Green Moss Candle // Jones Design Company for $34.95

Pressed Glass Photo Frame // Anthropologie (price varies)


Hope everyone had a good weekend!


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  1. I just love your page all the ideas you have fit so well in my house..The color schemes you put together blend very well..I would love for you to keep me posted on new ideas..