Halloween is right around the corner, so I figured it’s only fitting to share some of our Halloween costumes through the years. I love the fact that Christian & Gracie find joy in complimenting each other for Halloween. They seem to always agree (except for this year, I’ll get to that later) on costume ideas. It has became a Dortch tradition to dress up as a family!

side note: PLEASE try to disregard the poor quality of these images, I was not as good before.

BATMAN & BATGIRL (2016)——- >

The year of 2016 we were stumped and so the classic batman and batgirl was chosen by the kids. Thank you Amazon Prime for 2 day shipping, because we could not find anything we liked that was cost efficient in the stores. They seem to have no regrets!



This idea was from Gracie. We have a wii and sometimes on game nights we would all play Super Nintendo on the wii. If you have enough remotes, I highly recommend playing this game with at least 4 people. The kids had us crying from laughing so hard for hours.

princess peach |  mario


I believe this was the year the Ninja Turtle movie first came out and of course we had to follow suite. Surprisingly they were the only turtles at their school. How cute is the Raphael costume and that tutu?! Another amazon buy!

leonardo  |  raphael



This was the year the kids became obsessed with the power rangers (my favorite childhood hero’s!). I was so excited. We bought all three costumes from amazon, and they even had a very cute black power ranger dress than I wore with high socks and some black boots! We rocked it. (My daughters eyes in this picture always cracks me up)

blue power ranger  |  pink power ranger  |  adult black power ranger dress

PEBBLES & BAM BAM (2011) ———->

Okay so  m a y b e  they didn’t choose this idea, this was all mom! This was a hectic year and I literally threw these costumes together last minimum. I got all the material from Walmart! Self-made costumes always seem to be the cutest and most cost efficient! You may not be able to see in the picture, but I even made a bone hair clip for her hair out of felt, and Christian was just excited about the bam bam ma-jigger. I could kick myself for not being a better photographer back then!

pebbles  |  bam bam

So now we are in 2017 and its almost a week before halloween. Christian, for some odd reason, wants to be (drum roll please)……… Trump. I was speechless when he first told me. Apparently he found a very funny costume at the halloween store and is dead set on it. He is begging Gracie to be Hilary, but she is not having it. As a mom, and as sad as it is in this world, I am not liking this idea either. I want to be able for my children to express themselves, but I just can’t agree with this one. Who knows, This year might be the year we break tradition.

I am excited to hear about your Halloween traditions and costume ideas, let me know in the comments below!



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