It’s starting to look a lot like Thanksgiving over here & I am loving it! We’ve been busy lately with football games, festivals, and birthdays. Every weekend seems to be booked from Friday to Sunday with no room to sit down and relax! On a good note, my truck is finally in the shop getting fixed and they gave me a rental in the meantime. But, not just any rental.. a 2017 Audi Q5 Quattro and I am in love. Let’s just say I have been putting some miles on it!

Blog I am OBSESSING over:

 New Darlings Now this couple is the cutest! Her house and fashion is totally my style too so I love everything about their blog!


Stranger Things on Netflix. I was curious by all the rage, so I am on Season 2 episode 4 and I like it. I still don’t understand all the hype but It is a good watch. My favorite thing about it is probably the year it takes place, somewhere in the 80’s, and the creators master this!


Wine and Spirits with Monica the Medium. Whether you believe or don’t, she is amazing. She previously had a reality show on ABC (now on freeform) called Monica the Medium, and since then has started her own podcast. Only 1 episode has started so far but I am anxiously waiting for Monday to hear the next! New episodes are going to be every other Monday!


for the home

for the closet



Yes, my FABFITFUN box!!!!! I am an annual member and #fabfitfunpartner, because I think every girl should have this subscription in their life. Above are all the spoilers in the 2017 Winter box. I know you probably have seen every Z list celebrity promote these boxes and I broke down about a year ago and bought my first box, but I seriously would cancel the cable before I canceled my subscription. Its like a gift to myself 4 times a year and it always seems to show up on my doorstep when I needed something to brighten my day. It is our job as moms to make sure everyone is healthy and happy, but we sometimes forget about ourselves. If you have not yet looked into this, now is the time! Heres a code for $10 off too: SANTABABY 


LILY AND VAL came out with a fresh new look for their Keepsake Kitchen Diary and it is darling! (they also have a holiday gift tracker for the organized mom)


Did you know that their is an Interior Design Coloring Book on amazon? Hello stocking stuffers!


Jones Design Company blog has these awesome FREE printables for the home! Her artwork is amazing!




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