Okay, big confession. I have to literally remind and force myself to drink more water everyday. This is a huge struggle and has been for many years. I feel like as you get older, having kids, managing a household, job, and being a mom you forget the little things like drinking water. You have so much on your plate, so many other things to remember, that something as simple as drinking water seems like another task on your to-do list. I know this sounds silly, but it’s so true (at least for me). Especially with water being so blah and non-exciting, it’s easy to forget. On the flip side, I will easily remember my coffee every morning and a glass a wine on the weekends. Funny how that is!

With thanksgiving in just a couple of days, I feel it is just the right time to start talking about this to help with all the delicious food you will be eating! Here are some tips for Thanksgiving day to help:

  • Make sure to drink at least 8 ounces of water as soon as you get up in the morning. This will give you a better start to your day, get your muscles energized, brain pumping, and put you in a good mood faster. (If I don’t, I seriously look like an extra on the Walking Dead for at least an hour before my coffee starts to kick in.)
  • Drink a glass of water 30 minutes before you eat. This will help with over-eating and maintain your turkey day weight!
  • If you are going to be treating yourself to some holiday alcoholic beverages, make sure to drink lots of water before you go to bed! This will help prevent hangovers too!

Just in case you don’t know, drinking more water everyday can help with the following:

  1. Increase metabolism to help lose weight
  2. Relieves constipation
  3. Prevent and treat HEADACHES
  4. Help with mood, memory, and brain performance
  5. Maintains the balance of pretty much everything in your body!
  6. Keeps your skin looking good
  7. flushes out the bad toxins in your body
  8. Helps control and maintain your calories

I could go on, but these reasons alone should give you enough motivation!

Some ways that have truly helped me drink more water is adding some healthy additives. Here are some delicious fruit water recipes to try to make drinking more water, less boring:






Growing up, we were not allowed to have blackberries in our house because my Dad was very allergic. It wasn’t until just a couple of years ago I tried a blackberry for the first time, and I fell in love. It is by far my favorite fruit, and paired with Mint makes it even better!



Picture & recipe by Merissa with merissaanne.com

This refreshing water has a little bit of everything! The great thing about this is you can add and take away based on your own preferences, and it will still come out delicious. Click here to find the recipe! Enjoy!


Picture and Recipe by Tabitha with freshmommyblog.com

The Citrus Fat Blaster was the only recipe that I have come across that contains grapefruit, which has so many good benefits. The best part is that grapefruit is a natural hunger suppressant! Click here to find out the ingredients of this recipe!



Picture and Recipe by Krissy with www.selfproclaimedfoodie.com

There is no denying that fall is my favorite season so this infused water is perfect for Thanksgiving Day, and well everyday leading up to it! Take a break from all the pumpkin spice and add some different fruits into your day. Check out the recipe here.



Recipe resource by BA with foodmarriage.com

Enjoy a cool & refreshing glass of cucumber water! You can’t go wrong with this classic, its a time savor, and you can’t mess this one up either! Check out the details here and enjoy!


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  1. I have found that drinking three to four glasses of water soon after I get up in the morning keeps me hydrated for the rest of the day. Even though I drink throughout the day it is the first cups that help the most.

  2. Wow, first of all your page and pictures are gorgeous! Second, I have to remind myself to drink lots of water too! I’ll have to try some of these, they look delicious!