Hi, my name is Nicole. I live in the north Florida area with my husband, 2 beautiful children, and annoyingly-affectionate Great Dane, Winston. I am a believer and follower of Christ. Currently, I am working in the home loan lending field for a major banking institution (corporate America, gross). I do not love what I do, but my family and I are currently looking to be debt-free, house and all, within 2 years. So no major moves just yet.

Being a wife, mom, and all the other daily roles I attend to throughout the day is great, but I needed something for me, a creative outlet after a day of numbers, and a way to connect with others a-like. That is why I decided to create a place, an online home. A place where you can find inspiration as well!


What you will most likely be reading about:

Fashion, home projects, home decor, design, travel, Mom stuff, DIY projects, recipes, relationships, finance tips and budgeting, health, and implementing essential oils into your life.

What you will NOT see:

Make-up, hair tutorials, Fitness, and workout plans.



  1. I can eat 3 saltine crackers in 30 seconds without drinking anything (this is actually hard)
  2. I love to use power tools and build things with my hands. I have built a desk, potting bench, and a sitting bench. Power tools make me feel empowered!
  3. Everything can relate back to the show ‘Friends’. “Remember that episode of friends where….”
  4. I am the worst at telling jokes, and the last person to understand a joke.
  5. If I wasn’t married I would probably live on a farm with all the homeless animals. Animals are my weakness. I literally cannot even kill an ant.
  6. I am currently writing a book.
  7. I originally went to school to be a criminal profiler for the FBI. In my second semester of college, I found out there was a height requirement that I did not meet (I am 4’9 1/2”). I quit college and never went back. Always have a plan B!
  8. I have never had a speeding ticket.
  9. Obsessed with all things “The Bachelor/Bachelorette” on ABC!
  10. Pickles are my favorite. My sisters called me picklebutt growing up.


I want this to be a place for you to escape, relate, and engage in. I want to inspire and motivate you to try new things. Please reach out to me in any way, I love hearing from you!

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