AUSTIN | boys bedroom mood board


keypad storage hanger  |  large initial  (another option here)|  plank shelves  |   jetliner pillow  |  teepee  |  chalkboard globe  |  schoolhouse hooks  |  task lamp  |  book shelves  |  curtains  |  biplane string art wall decor  |  airplane pillow  |  trinell nightstand  |  gingham pinboard  |  model airplanes  |  plaid duvet  |  iron bed  |  airplane statue  |  canvas hamper  |  beanbag cover  |  trinell chest  |  toy basket  |  rug  |  canvas pillow  |  star pillow

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 Meet my handsome Great Dane, Winston.

Sundays are my absolute favorite. My day consisted of cleaning, on demand, bathroom planning, and being lazy with the family. I have been working on some deep organization around the house, focusing on one room a week. Each transition into either fall or spring, I look around and realize all over again I’m a hoarder. I need to declutter and organize. I have been focusing on one room a week going through EVERYTHING.

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