I don’t know about you, but before my weekend starts I feel like it has already ended. I can get wrapped up in a task in the morning and before I know it, its almost dinner time. Also, your not the only one that can get sucked into the black hole of social media. One thing just leads to another and I went from wanting to change my whole wardrobe to an article about why I need chickens in my backyard!

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 Meet my handsome Great Dane, Winston.

Sundays are my absolute favorite. My day consisted of cleaning, on demand, bathroom planning, and being lazy with the family. I have been working on some deep organization around the house, focusing on one room a week. Each transition into either fall or spring, I look around and realize all over again I’m a hoarder. I need to declutter and organize. I have been focusing on one room a week going through EVERYTHING.

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OUR (destination) KEY WEST WEDDING

I still can’t believe it, we are finally married! We decided to tie the knot in the beautiful Key West. Since we were paying for everything on our own, we had to think outside the box in making everything work within our budget. With Michael being Italian/Greek and I am Italian myself, we both have VERY big families. We had to narrow our guest list down as much as possible to help with cost.

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No love story is the same, and ours is proof of that. Michael and I met through a mutual friend in late 2006. When I first saw him I was completely SMITTEN, and I knew right away he was the one. After patiently waiting, we had our first date in April of 2007 and have been together ever since. In April of 2008 we found out we were pregnant. This was a huge surprise considering I had cervical cancer when I was 16 and had undergone some surgeries which prevented me from ever becoming pregnant, or so the doctor said.

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Abercrombie fall
Hey guys! So this is my first EVER post, and naturally it’s pertaining to new pieces I’ve been swooning over. We are on day 3 of fall, and I have mixed feelings about this. I love fall and everything that goes a long with it!
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